A Short Training Session for People with Limited Time

We offer a short (Express) formula of our Cardio-Musculation and Cardio-BootCamp programs. The Express formula is structured as the complete programs without the period of muscle toning. Less time, but just as much impact; all done quickly, and accurately!

When available, you'll find these programs labelled as Cardio-Musculation Express and Cardio-BootCamp Express.

What is it?

As its name suggests, the Express formula is the ideal option for cardio enthusiasts who have limited time to work out. These programs will be of interest to business people, busy parents and Cardio-Poussette enthusiasts who have returned to work after their maternity leave.

For more details on the structure of these two programs, please visit the Cardio-Musculation and Cardio-BootCamp pages.

Equipment required

  • None

Key benefits

  • An effective cardiovascular workout
  • Allows you to train in a short time